Friday, December 19, 2014

Music Rank Is Shining At #1

Hey - my music rank is shining at NUMBER 1 again, thanks to my new single Heavy Metal Harley.

Nationally my rank is climbing and I'm generating a lot of interest. 

Fan base is growing on social media and I'm ready to take music to a new beginning by being different and by being myself. 

Here is my Reverbnation profile page that I am very proud of.
Notice in the right hand corner: "Rank #1".
My Reverbnation Profile Page

That's all for now!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A CD of Transistions and Exciting Rock Energy

Recently I made the name transition from Sonic Dimension to Rob Lattin Music. I wanted a name to capture something people could understand "Music" and also be a catch-all for all the different genres I do. However, my new CD opens with a tune called "The Gate to the Sonic Dimension", so what an appropriate segue!

My new album Fire of Love is my debut music for hard rock, although some of it delves into jungle music, space prog-rock, and jazz. It's really a pretty good album and I'm starting to get some good press (which I'll share soon) and radio airplay (I'll let you know what stations like and play my songs, especially the hit song-to-be Heavy Metal Harley. (You can play the song in its entirety here on this page.) Please buy, share and like this song.

Here are some album notes from CD Baby:

Fire of Love highlights not only the unique compositions and fluctuating chord progressions that are a breath of fresh air to what is currently on the radio, but is centered on the guitar prowess of Rob Lattin. One review stated that Happy Dude has that "rock anthem" feel, however it has that Detroit edginess that makes the song sound fresh each time it's played. 

There are 3 instrumentals on the album and each are unique in style and genre:

  • The Gate to the Sonic Dimension is somewhat science fiction-y with that good old rock progression driving sound. 
  • The Rescue includes skiffle with jazz horns and could be labelled progressive jazz with a metal guitar. 
  • Shenanigans is classic rock in a tribute to the 3 Stooges - it is unpredictable and fun. 
  • Heavy Metal Harley is a metal pop song, somewhat, but doesn't follow the rules. It's the perfect dance song for bikers. It's also the perfect song for cruising on your Harley. And don't expect to hear any motorcycle sound effects - make your own with your own bike and just crank up the music . . . and ride!
  • The title track Fire of Love has a torch and drum dance introduction before the main song. The drums give music relief to the guitar assault on the  album. Don't worry, there's plenty of axe to follow. Fire also features the vocal work of Ann Lattin and Rob's unmistakable playing style is represented in the improvised lead guitar performance.
  • Hey Mr Cloud brings back memories of when folk music met rock music back in the day and has never been the same since. A happy song about a simpler time, could be just as well applied to today. This song is reminiscent of Mark Lindsay in the early days of Paul Revere and the Raiders. 
  • Cortez, and Voices and Visions, both exemplify Rob's tight and deliberate guitar playing hinting at some of his early guitar influences including Ted NugentRory Gallagher, Jimmy Page and Jim McCarty of Cactus. 

The music here wasn't written for Grammy consideration, it was made for pure listening pleasure. 

Two words to describe it all - Cool and Fun.

Please click on the links and listen to clips at either or CD Baby, or even elsewhere on my blog or at Reverbnation of Facebook. 

Please remember to comment and share!


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