Friday, November 21, 2014

Fire of Love Available on CD Baby NOW!

Rock N Roll Baby! FINALLY!

The album I've been telling you about is available NOW at CD Baby and soon at iTunes and elsewhere. 

It's entitled "Fire of Love" and has many of the songs I let you preview in their demo forms now complete and ready to bring you into pure listening pleasure.

Enough of the hype! What's on this album?

This 9 song work of love opens with 'The Gate To The Sonic Dimension" Classic rock and progressive rock meets on this song. Press play and close your eyes and you will soon visualize yourself travelling through time and space and quickly break through the gate-barrier of this reality into a groovy dimension. The Sonic Dimension.

Then, next comes my "Happy Dude" song. Crank it up, be positive, and rock on. I has that Detroit edginess and some nice fingerwork to dazzle you.

Enough of the hype already! (Sorry, I'm just too excited about this.)

Other songs include Heavy Metal Harley, The Rescue (an instrumental), Cortez, and the title track Fire of Love (9 minutes of sound starting in the jungle through searing guitar leads, ethereal vocals, and bass interludes.)

To hear snippets and to order go to CD Baby.

Don't forget to check out Shenanigans (also on Fire of Love) my tribute to the Three Stooges on You Tube.

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