Saturday, March 19, 2016

CD Baby Does It Again

CD Baby Does It Again

My oh my! CD Baby Does It Again! When I thought my album "Fire of Love" was dead in the water sitting on the virtual atmosphere of CD Baby, CD Baby goes ahead and makes music videos of the songs on my album.

This is good, although I just discovered this today. The videos have been sitting at You Tube since last October. Now these videos only feature the album artwork for visuals, but hey --- we're trying to get people to listen to the music.

I was somewhat shocked that they also included the title track, which is really two songs and is 9 minutes and 50 seconds long. The first part of the song is the fire dance with torch dancers (you can't see, of course) and a fire eater. Then the music breaks into the core of the song. This song is part instrumental and part vocal featuring the lovely singing talent of Ann. I'm very proud of this song and the album as a whole. Fireworks Magazine gave it a glowing review and it's still available on CD Baby.

Here is all 9 minutes and 50 seconds of Fire of Love.:

Check out the other songs as well. You may also like The Gate to the Sonic Dimension if you like cool guitar instrumentals. Thanks to the good folks at CD Baby for reviving this album and reminding me that music lives on forever. 


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