Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First Album Near Completion - to Be Ready For the New Year - 2014

And bass and baritone
Amboy Illinois.

Out visiting some friends here - no not the original Amboy Dukes - but some people in Amboy Illinois. We were discussing the name of my new Sonic Dimension album.

It's funny, but a title can lock your music into a category forever that you may not want. I wonder how many bands failed because of a poor title selection. (Check out these titles from a Cracked article 20 Worst Album Titles of All Time

Then after a title, it's the artwork. I know some artists who can do some work but not happy with any of the suggestions yet. I think that one of the coolest album covers I've seen was the first Ted Nugent solo album on Epic Records with his legendary logo. There have been other great album art and then there has been real clunkers. Check out these album covers from a Hub Pages writer DarkSinistar 25 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Album Covers

Well, one thang at a time!

Anyway - the new album has gone through a lot of change. There have been remixes of remixes, songs dropped, songs added, singers changed, song parts re-recorded. I guess even big budget recording studios go through the same. I have a small budget so my projects take a LONG time.

Unlike other releases I've done in the past, this one might be available on CD besides MP3. Also hoping to get some pre-release radio play early next year. So just for fun, I want to show you a list of album titles that were suggested but were dropped immediately:

Ozzie Osbourn's Little Brother (we'd get sued if we used that!)
Welcome To The Machine Workers Union (we'd probably get two lawsuits out of that one)
Elvis Presley Is Alive And Kickin! (a tribute album featuring that little kid in Canada who sings like Elvis) 
Can't Do A Capella I  and can't eat an armadillo
The Wrecking Bull (with a tribute song to the timeless music of Miley Cyrus :) )
Can't Buy Me Drugs (Original title of a Beatles song that was changed to include the word "Love")
The Darkside of  the Moon Pie (Based on Pink Floyd doing commercials for sweetcakes)
Journey To The Center of the Mine Field ("Leave your cares behind, step onto a mine . . ." just didn't work - only because Ted Nugent wasn't available to play the solo guitar)
New (Paul McCartney already stole that title)

Anyway, the wheels are turning. Too many projects going at once (Mad Experiment only needs final vocal tracks; my FREE Christmas songs download is still up, and still working on the "Driven" album which probably won't be released until Summer.)

The songs on my new Sonic Dimension album may seem familiar but they are all fun. They are brash but addictive. After the release I'm hoping to add some permanent members to the band. Decent drummers are very hard to find. And honest managers. So . . .

Merry Christmas!

And speaking of A Capella, here's that video that went viral last week just in time for Christmas

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Cortez Defeats Molloch" You Tube Video Uploaded

Thought I'd release the You Tube video of "Cortez Defeats Molloch" before offering the song. It was fun putting this video together and yet the message of the song is very striking. The battle was beyond Europeans and a Meso American culture, it was a battle initiated by a Spanish conquistador against a demon and finally assisted by the indigenous peoples. Cortez - saint or sinner, Hero or heel - it doesn't matter because in hindsight the ritualistic cannibalism and human sacrifice ended and the people were given true spiritual freedom.

Here's an informative and enlighteing article on Hernando Cortez in Crisis Magazine http://www.crisismagazine.com/2012/the-magnificence-of-hernan-cortes

Friday, June 14, 2013

Songs Released and Happy Dude is Climbing The Charts!

I guess if this were the 60's and 70's, I'd have a local hit. Oh well - "Happy Dude" reached number 4 in local area on Reverbnation (the premier site for new music - hands down!)

I've uploaded a total of 5 songs at this point and made some new friends who have some great music too - from rap to jazz to country to metal and rock. Listen to my songs and if you like them buy them because a part of the proceeds goes to charity and it helps me maintain my blogs and recording time.

Ms Claus Has A Gift For You!